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.NET 4.0 Framework

Installation Instructions
  • Unzip the package
  • Run Setup.exe
  • Follow Setup instructions

Setup Instructions
Use the Settings page to configure your installation.

The key points to configure are:
  • Watch folders (both audio and video)
  • Playlist Options (Default save locations for Music and Video playlists)

Supported File Types
  • Video
    • AVI
  • Audio
    • MP3
  • Playlist
    • M3U
    • WMP

Future Development
  • File Association with the AMP executable
  • Expanded File type support
  • Remote controlled from a device (iPhone, ZuneHD, etc)
  • Media Centre Mode (10 foot viewable interface)
  • Touch Screen Mode (larger interface/buttons/etc for touch screen systems)

Distant Future Development
  • Mono Version for wider distribution
  • Device library handling

Source Code
The code is largely undocumented. This will change when I find the time.

I am not a laywer! I largely have no idea what the licenses provided by this site are intended to do. As my understanding grows the licenses that govern the software/code will change. For now I am using the standard GPLv2: source code for all!

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